In September of 1994, a small group of eleven (11) believers gathered in the Mt. Vernon Room of the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Harvard Square, Cambridge to begin a pilgrimage known only by God. This journey has taken us for varying lengths of time through two public schools, a function room at the city’s YMCA and the use of an area church whenever we needed to conduct baptisms. Throughout our travels, God continued to encourage us that one day we would occupy our own space.

In May of 2006, although not yet able to experience the joy of owning our own building, the opportunity arose for Calvary to share space at the church we currently utilize. Occupying a residency in an actual church building for the first time of our existence has been a move that has enabled us to really spread our wings. Dreams that had to be put off to the future are now able to become a reality. Classes on a regular basis (New Believers, New Members, etc.) as well as outreach into the community (food pantry) are just the beginning of our “wing-spreading."
Our church building is located between Harvard University and MIT, and we expect to reach students, professors, and the like. But God has given us the assignment of reaching out to the hurting, loving the unlovely, and tapping into those who are marginalized, for His honor and to His glory. We know that our main thrust, our primary focus is towards those who many will cross the street in order to avoid.
It has been many years since our inauguration, and not much fruit, in the natural, to show for it. But God has kept stoking the fires within us to keep us encouraged along the way. What you will find at Calvary Praise and Worship Center are a group of believers who, like Joseph of the Old Testament, have received a promise from God and although it has taken a lot longer than expected, are waiting patiently for the promise to be fulfilled. He has always encouraged us just enough to keep us striving for what He said is ours. If that resonates with you, and you want to join your excitement with ours, we look forward to adding your faith to the mix and readying for the great celebration that God had in mind when He first uttered our promises to each of us. As with Joseph, although it has taken a longer time than expected, His hand is going to move quickly on our behalf. Strap yourself in and buckle your seatbelt.



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